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Services to cover your key infrastructure.

On-Premise Phone Systems

Whether you need four phones or forty- thousand phones, FusionPBX can help you stay connected to your customers or clients.

FusionPBX comes with a full roster of features that are expected in any modern phone system, and runs rock solid. Paired with Snom phones (which includes a 3-Year Warranty), you'll have a high end system at a small business price. Have industry-specific software? We can tie that into the phone system to pull information or automate calls.

Leasing out space to other business? FusionPBX can help there too with multi- tenant features that give each tenant separate extensions and settings.

Hosted Phone Systems

Don't want to run another server on site? No problem, we can run FusionPBX on your VMWare servers, your AWS account, or we can run it for you in the cloud.

Hosted in our data center, your phones can work in your office, at your phone, or even in a coffee shop.

Your business needs to keep running through any and all situations. To that end, FusionPBX has fail over setups that fit your requirements. It be as simple as running nightly back-ups, or a multi-server cluster to keep your staff across the country running smoothly.

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Small Business Networking

A solid VoIP system requires a solid network. You may already have that network, and we'll gladly work with your existing network vendor to make sure your phones run solidly.

However, if you need a better network, we will be there to provide the equipment and services you need. We'll work to improve your internet speed, quality, and availability.

Our firewalls, powered by Fortinet, can protect your users from intruders and malware. And our wireless options powered by Ruckus will provide a quality wifi signal everywhere in your office.

Very Good Managed Services

Telephones are a specialized field of IT, and not everyone is prepared to manage a phone system. That's why we offer a fully managed service. No longer do you have to worry about your phones. Instead, leave that to us and we'll take care of them. We'll make sure your system is secure, up-to-date, and running smoothly.

As an extra perk to being a managed service client, you'll get our Very Good Fail Over. We will run a second copy of your phone system in our data center. If anything happens to the primary system, the fail over will take over as if nothing had happened. You won't lose settings or voicemails, and you'll be able to run your phones anywhere you can get internet. Clients won't be able to tell that something was wrong.