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FusionPBX vs. Avaya



License Cost
Simple Licensing
Scalable to a 1,000+ phones
Enterprise Reliability
Simple Management

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A big name stuck in the past

When big name, enterprise phones systems come up, Avaya is often mentioned. They've been building telephone networks for decades, and it shows. However, the thing that's lost on them is how modern IT systems operate. Even in their cloud offering they did not have a solution, but instead leveraged RingCentral's service.

Modern problems require modern solutions

FusionPBX was built to scale from one to thousands of phones. Your system could be on a single machine in your office, or running in three data centers across the world. Either way, you have the same single interface to manage all of your users. Avaya on the other hand requires a separate login to separate components such as voicemail and call recordings once you scale above a single appliance.

Support for your devices

FusionPBX supports a large variety of VOIP phones, including all of the major manufacturers. And with our preferred phone brand, Snom, you get an unheard of 3 Year Warranty on all models. Avaya mostly requires you to use Avaya phones, and while they do support 3rd party VOIP phones, you don't get the same level of integration as Avaya phones or any phone on FusionPBX.