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FusionPBX vs. Switchvox



License Cost
High Availability
Extensive 3rd Party Phone Support
Easy Management
Easy Remote Users

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Switchvox fits in one place

Switchvox's primary claim and success is being dead simple to set up and use. And we can't argue with that. Any IT person can set up and manage it without much extra learning, and Switchvox provides reasonable support (more than most other vendors). However, the sort of small business where this works great usually won't have an IT person on site to manage it. Once your business needs a dedicated IT person, chances are your phone needs are going to be more complex than Switchvox can handle.

Big or small, we have you covered

If you're small enough that the Switchvox makes sense, you'll need us to manage it for you anyway. We'd rather provide the best in software and hardware that can grow with you. Our appliances and phones come with a 3 year warranty by default, and we're quick and available when you need us in an emergency.

If you're big enough that you have IT staff, FusionPBX comes with fail over, scaling, and high-availability options that rival companies like Cisco and Avaya. We can work with most call center requirements, remote users around the world, and complex call flow needs. We can also provide worry-free managed services, or offer training for your IT staff to manage the system themselves.

Massive Environment and Device Support

Switchvox is certified for their own appliances or VMWare. Haway can install FusionPBX can install it on most hardware platforms, practically any VM hypervisor (VMWare, Hyper-V, Proxmox, Xen, etc.), and we even provide cloud hosted options.

Switchvox can provide a cloud option, but you're tied to their carrier. With us, you always have carrier options. Bring yours with, or we can set you up with the best option for your area.

On top of all that, we provide support for practically any SIP and can provision and manage it directly from the phone system. Switchvox can only do that with their own phones and a few 3rd party models.