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FusionPBX vs. Comcast



License Cost
Simple Management
Remote Users
Fantastic SUpport

Or call 866-994-2929

The same features, but with great support.

Comcast Support is notoriously poor. HAWAY, on the other hand, is proactive, responsive, and transparent. We're regular people with a number that we actively answer during business hours. No need to navigate through a long, winding, voice-activated auto attendant.

Multiple deployment options, Optional recurring fees.

FusionPBX isn't tied to the cloud. It can be hosted in the cloud, but can also be installed at your office. Or it can be both, if you want local control with the cloud's reliability. The only fees you pay are for server hosting.

Optionally, HAWAY also offers our Very Good Managed Service. Never again have to think or worry about your phones or remembering how to set up a new phone. Just get a hold of us and we'll take care of it for you.