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We’re pretty keen on keeping our prices transparent.

Just like you, we’re business owners and consumers. And while it would be great to not have to think about money and throw caution to the wind, that’s not real life. So we like to keep everything transparent so you can better estimate your investment.

Do keep in mind that the price for phone and network appliances do not include labor to set them up.

Phone Equipment

In case you don’t see something you need, this is just a small number of items have to offer. Give us a call and tell us what you’re trying to solve, and we can help you solve it.

Tiny Phone System (20 Users)$600
Small Phone System (50+ Users)$1000
Medium Phone System (200+ Users)$1200
Snom D785 Desk Phone$169
Snom D735 Desk Phone$149
Snom D717 Desk Phone$105
Snom D120 Desk Phone$65
Snom C520 Conference Phone$389
Snom C620 Wireless Conference Phone$499
Snom M325 DECT Phone$225
Poly OBI302 2-Port ATA$90
mFax FaxBridge$175
Algo 8301 VoIP Paging Adapter$349
Snom D7 Expansion Module$137
Snom A230 DECT Dongle$20
Snom C52-SP Speaker Phone$259
Snom A171 DECT Headset$149

Network Equipment

Like with the Phone Equipment, we have even more options available than you see here. In fact, the different needs for each business make it so you should talk to us before deciding on networking equipment to purchase. That way you don’t order too much or too little.

Fortinet FortiGate 30E (Hardware Only)$430
Fortinet FortiGate 30E UTM Bundle (1 Year)$710
Fortinet FortiGate 30E UTM Renewal (1 Year)$280
Fortinet FortiGate 60F (Hardware Only)$695
Fortinet FortiGate 60F UTM Bundle (1 Year)$1147
Fortinet FortiGate 60F UTM Renewal (1 Year)$452
Fortinet FortiGate 100F (Hardware Only)$2800
Fortinet FortiGate 100F UTM Bundle (1 Year)$4620
Fortinet FortiGate 100F UTM Renewal (1 Year)$1820
Ruckus ICX 7150 12 Port Compact Switch$1000
Ruckus ICX 7150 24 Port Switch$1000
Ruckus ICX 7150 24 Port POE Switch$1600
Ruckus ICX 7150 48 Port Switch$1700
Ruckus ICX 7150 48 Port POE Switch$3000
Ruckus ICX 7150 48 Port High POE Switch$3500
Ruckus R320 Wifi AP$395
Rucksu R510 Wifi AP$675
Ruckus R610 Wifi AP$895
Ruckus R710 Wifi AP$1295
WattBox 5 Port IP Power Controller$412
WattBox 12 Port IP Power Controller$722
WattBox 6 Port IP Desk UPS$125
WattBox 12 Port IP 1100VA UPS$1540
WattBox 12 Port IP 1500VA UPS$1750


Unlike most other service providers, we charge our time in five minute increments. So if we spend eight minutes on a task, we only bill for ten.

Labor (charged in 5 minute increments)$120
Trip Charge (Local to Our Office)$60
Very Good Managed Services per Site (per month)$50
Very Good Managed Services per Phone (per month)$10
Very Good Managed Services per Network Device (per month)$10
Very Good Managed Services per Firewall (per month)$30
Cloud PBX Hosting - Small (per month)$20
Cloud PBX Hosting - Medium (per month)$40
Cloud PBX Hosting - Large (per month)$80